Coronavirus Update

Our primary concern is to keep both our customers and our servicemen safe. With that in mind, we have instituted a number of new precautionary procedures that aim to limit risks to both parties. That said, there is always a risk of exposure for our servicemen and our customers as the virus continues to circulate. Please note that by scheduling an appointment with us, you voluntarily assume all risks related to COVID-19 exposure.

What our servicemen will do

  • All servicemen are monitored and temperature checked daily
  • Our servicemen will wear protective gear (gloves and mask/face shield) and carry disinfectant and hand sanitizer 
  • The serviceman will ask to enter through the entryway closest to the appliances being serviced to limit his contact with others in your home. He will call from the driveway upon arrival to determine the proper entry 
  • The serviceman will wipe any doorknobs he touches with disinfectant wipes prior to leaving. We will also wipe down the serviced appliance with disinfectant wipes before and after service 

What we ask of our customers

  • We ask that if any household members are ill or may have been exposed to the coronavirus to please let us know. We reserve the right to refuse service if upon entering the home we observe any sick members of the household.
  • We ask that all members of the household adhere to proper social distancing guidelines, beyond any contact required to grant the serviceman access to the home.
  • When coming in close proximity to the serviceman (e.g., when granting entry), temporarily wearing a mask is always appreciated.
  • We ask that the service area be completely cleaned out before we arrive so we do not have to maneuver around any obstacles or touch any of your personal belongings 
  • If servicing a washer or dryer, we ask that both machine tops be cleared off so we can put down our tools or parts and avoid touching personal items.  
  • If servicing a refrigerator, range or dishwasher, we will advise what needs to be cleaned or cleared prior to our arrival. 
  • We ask that everyone be patient as each call takes longer due to these safety procedures. We will give a time slot for service and make every effort to adhere to it, but if we are running late we will always call to let you know and provide an update. 

New payment/cancellation policy

  • We will require a credit card number to schedule and hold an appointment. You will NOT be charged until we service the appliance. 
  • If any appointment is cancelled without 24 hours notice you will be charged the service call fee quoted at the time of scheduling. 
  • Due to additional cleaning measures and personal protective equipment discussed above, there will be an additional $10 charge per call while these measures are necessary. We appreciate your understanding.